87% peaceful protesters vow not to disunite with the valiant ones, according to a new online survey


19th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) According to RTHK, a new civilian-driven online survey collected over 90,000 responses where over 93% of respondents identified themselves as “peaceful, rational, and non-violent” protesters.

  • Over half of “peaceful” respondents value “justice” the most, followed by “freedom” and “livelihood”. “Economy” comes last.
  • The most accepted protest means include going on strikes, marching without “Letter of No Objection” and uncooperative movements. Only less than 16.4% supported measures such as sabotaging police stations, vandalism, and arson. However, most of the self-identified “peaceful” respondents vow not to disunite from the “valiants”. This shows peaceful protesters also believe all can voice opinion in ways they feel comfortable with, and will not disunite from them because of the means adopted.
  • Most “peaceful” protesters agree that Hong Kong is a part of China and disapprove acts of defacing the national emblem or dumping the national flag into the sea. This reflects the anti-extradition movement does not mean to challenge the country’s sovereignty nor advocate for Hong Kong Independence.
  • Initiators of the survey urges the government to listen to the opinion of over 90,000 people, and not to neglect justice in the course of pursuing economic development.

This online survey has confirmed our article earlier that the broad term ‘anti-extradition protesters’ is no longer appropriate as the group has been further split into different factions. We broke them down into different factions so that the genuine protesters will always adhere to their initial agenda if they are not infuriated i.e. to fight against the extradition bill in a peaceful manner and not resorting to violence.

There are in principle two groups of protesters i.e. 90% peace-loving protesters and the 10% frontline radical protesters. The survey has shown that the 10% frontline protesters have successfully infuriated them (which we believe are mostly students) to resort to violence.