84% of Hong Kongers consider the current gathering ban too strict, according to index by HKPORI


8th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute announced yesterday the latest “Group Gathering Prohibition Acceptance index.” Dr.Robert Chung, the chief executive officer of the Institute, pointed out that the index will be updated to the “gathering ban index”, showing the public’s acceptance of the “gathering ban order” and it will be released daily.

Yesterday’s results show that 87% of the respondents think that the current gathering ban is too tight. The index is 14.3, which is 10.3 more than the current gathering restriction order, reflecting the majority of people’s belief that the authorities should relax the gathering restriction order. As of 8th April, Data Science Manager of HKPORI Edward Tai observed, “The reading of ‘Group Gathering Prohibition Index’ stands at 14.1 today, which is much higher than the official limit. As many as 84% of the general public considering the current ban too strict, meaning that the current ban is only acceptable by one-eighth of the people. This reflect people’s wish for the government to relax the ban. Since mid-March this year, the Group Gathering Prohibition Index has been standing at more than 10 people, the egovernment should consider gradually relaxing the ban after balancing the COVID risk.“