82-year-old food critic Chua Lam shares tips on how to break up gracefully in new video

    Chua Lam

    22nd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Renowned Hong Kong food critic Chua Lam, aged 82, made a rare appearance in a recent video where he imparts wisdom on how to end a relationship with dignity. Despite facing health challenges after a fall last year that resulted in a fractured neck and required surgery, Chua Lam has shown remarkable resilience. Since his hospital discharge, he has maintained a low profile and has even been spotted using a wheelchair during public appearances in Malaysia.

    However, a recent Instagram post by Hong Kong actor Lawrence Cheng, showcased a photo of himself with Chua Lam, revealing a rejuvenated and healthy-looking Chua Lam. It appears that Chua Lam has been active on social media, particularly on the video-sharing platform TikTok, where he shares his culinary adventures, personal opinions, and insights. This month, he initiated a new series called “Chua Lam’s Chronicles.”

    In one of the episodes, Chua Lam explores the topic of ending a relationship in a respectable manner. He suggests that the ideal scenario is for the girlfriend to initiate the breakup, feeling that it is time to move on and pursue personal growth. For those who find themselves being persistently pursued by their partners, Chua Lam humorously advises them to consume lard, as it is said to be a deterrent. By engaging in activities that make girlfriends uncomfortable, he believes they will eventually leave voluntarily, without the need for the individual to take the initiative.