82-year-old elderly care home resident Lung Chi-keung shines with solo art exhibition


25th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) 82-Year-Old Lung Chi-keung, also known as “Brother Lung,” has embraced a life full of ups and downs. Despite reaching the latter half of his journey, he firmly believes in making a difference. Lung has embarked on a journey of self-taught painting, demonstrating that age should never hinder one’s pursuit of dreams. His aspiration is to hold an art exhibition within his lifetime, where he can share his personal experiences and inspire those around him to confront adversity. Moreover, Lung intends to donate all the proceeds from the exhibition to non-profit organisations, supporting activities for elderly residents living in similar care facilities. Through his contributions, Lung aims to create a more meaningful society while painting a more beautiful life for himself.

Lung’s life has been characterised by significant ups and downs. In his youth, he had the opportunity to become a doctor, but circumstances prevented him from fulfilling that dream after fleeing to Hong Kong. Later, he found success as an entrepreneur, opening an eyewear store in Central and amassing his first fortune. However, the 1997 financial turmoil and the 2008 financial crisis swept away his lifelong savings. Forced to close his business, Lung eventually sought solitude in a nursing home. Currently, he resides in Joyous Garden, a care facility located within the newly developed integrated service complex in North Kwun Tong.

Despite losing his wealth, Lung has not let his confidence and spirit waver. In recent years, he has embarked on the path of self-taught painting, exploring the realms of landscape and traditional Chinese art. Lung has already completed over 80 landscape paintings and plans to reach 100 before holding his exhibition. Through his own experiences, he hopes to inspire those around him, urging them to maintain their self-confidence and determination when facing adversity. Lung particularly wishes to convey the message that even in their twilight years, the elderly can still achieve remarkable accomplishments.

The director and social workers at Joyous Garden are dedicated to helping Lung fulfil his dream by assisting him in finding a suitable venue for his exhibition. Director Yuen Wai-kit emphasises that different dreams and aspirations arise at various stages of life. Many elderly individuals residing in care facilities often adopt a negative outlook or feel as if they are simply waiting for the end. However, Yuen believes that seniors should be encouraged to pursue their dreams and ignite inspiration in others, contributing to society. He further emphasizes that seniors have made significant contributions to society during their younger years, and it is the responsibility of society to support them in creating a fulfilling and vibrant life in their later years.