80% of HK residents plan on ‘revenge travel’ within a year, CE designate to work on interim measures to reopen border and reduce quarantine days at designated hotels


23rd June 2022 – (Hong Kong) Although COVID-19 epidemic is still omnipresent in the world, many countries have reopened their borders to welcome tourists, and are on the road to returning to normal. However, due to the Hong Kong government’s strict arrival quarantine policy, most Hong Kong residents can only continue to live in the city under the existing anti-epidemic regulations. According to a recent survey, Hong Kong people’s desire to travel abroad continues to increase. Nearly 80% of them plan to travel abroad within a year, and more than half of them prefer to travel abroad for at least 7 days and at least 90% are prepared to spend more than HK$10,000 per person.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that the Chief Executive designate, John Lee is corresponding with Beijing to work on interim measures to reopen the border with Mainland and overseas countries and he plans to reduce the total number of quarantine days at designated hotels so that arrivals can quarantine at home to reduce inconvenience. He will also take a more aggressive stand to promote Hong Kong to the rest of the world including attending the upcoming Apec leader’s summit in Bangkok.

A travel product website interviewed 2,300 Hong Kong residents from May to June this year, and found that 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest to evaluate Hong Kong people’s desire to travel abroad. More than 80% of the respondents expressed their desire to travel abroad with a score of 8 or above and more than half of them gave a perfect score of 10. 77% of them said they will travel abroad within the next year, and 39% of them will travel within the next 6 months. The survey also showed that 69% of people said they are more eager to travel than before the epidemic. With the gradual opening of overseas regions, Hong Kong people’s demand for travel products has increased.

According to the travel trend data of the search website in Hong Kong, the search volume related to outbound air tickets and hotel accommodation from April to May this year increased by 2.4 times compared with the same period of last year. When there is an opportunity to travel abroad during the epidemic, tourists may engage in “retaliatory spending”. 94% of the respondents said they would not reduce their travel spending, and the number of people who expect to spend HK$10,000 or more per person traveling abroad in the future has surged more than before the epidemic by 43%. The survey also found that 63% of people said they would like to travel for more than 7 days after the epidemic, and 24% of them said that the ideal travel days are 11 days or more, which is believed to be related to the consideration of the strict quarantine measures when returning to Hong Kong.