8 types of special persons including seniors aged 70 and above allowed to enter Shenzhen under new ‘compassion’ quota


7th July 2022 – (Shenzhen) The local authority in Shenzhen, Eastern Province set up Shenzhen Health Station to specially increase the number of ‘compassion’ quota allowing 8 types of special persons to enter the country without occupying the daily quota of 2,000 quarantine hotel rooms. Those who can apply for the compassionate quota include seniors aged 70 and above, children under the age of 14 without guardians in Hong Kong, pregnant women, people with underlying diseases and serious diseases, international students who have completed quarantine in Hong Kong and stayed for 5 days or more, and immediate family members who are in critical condition recently. Others who can apply include immediate family members of deceased persons, persons taking important exams and persons attending court hearings.