8 top free vantage points to watch National Day Fireworks Display on 1st October


    1st October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong is preparing for a breathtaking fireworks extravaganza tonight as part of the city’s National Day celebrations. Coordinated by the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and sponsored by HKT and FWD Insurance, the “HKT x FWD 2023 National Day Fireworks Display” promises to be a dazzling spectacle for both residents and visitors alike. With eight captivating scenes set to light up the night sky over Victoria Harbour, this eagerly awaited pyrotechnic show is expected to leave spectators in awe.

    National Day Fireworks 2023: 7 Top free vantage points

    1. Golden Bauhinia Square, Wan Chai

    Golden Bauhinia Square facing the exhibition centre is directly opposite where the pontoon firing the fireworks will anchor. This allows for close-up views while also enjoying the music and commentary from the square. However, it will be very crowded. Plan to arrive 2 hours early to beat the 7pm road closures.

    1. The Peak/ Mount High West

    Views from The Peak won’t require gazing upwards. Enjoy fireworks while taking in the harbour vista from walking paths around Luard Road. The distance means weaker impact though, so photographers should prepare long lenses.

    For those seeking awe-inspiring views without the crowds typically found at Victoria Peak, Mount High West presents an excellent hiking option in Hong Kong. Situated on the western side of Hong Kong Island, this trail is conveniently accessible via public transportation. Although the ascent is steep, the hike itself is relatively short, promising rewarding panoramic vistas from the summit. 

    1. Central Harbourfront

    The 270-degree observatory “Harbourfront” offers grassy viewing areas. Nearby restaurants provide post-show dining with unmatched harbour views. It will also become crowded after 7pm.

    1. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

    A classic harbour-viewing spot. Stretching walkways offer many vantage points near the clock tower. Avoid the peak further East with obstructed lines of sight.

    1. Central and Western Piers/Tamar Park/Sun Yat Sen Park

    Areas like the Central Piers and Tamar Park public piers offer partial views. Central also means larger crowds pre-road closures at 7pm.

    1. Braemar Hill/Red Incense Burner Summit

    For quieter spots with scenic views, try Braemar Hill’s peak. Paths lack lighting though; bring a torch.

    1. West Kowloon Cultural District

    Newly promoted spot along the waterfront. Large crowds expected so take public transit where possible. Cultural promenades offer daytime recreation.

    1. Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

    Rooftop areas of the terminal building and runway park offer harbour views. Fewer people than central spots but partial visibility.

    Fireworks show features 31,888 pyrotechnical displays choreographed over 8 scenes lasting 23 minutes. The score incorporates synchronised background music on RTHK Radio 4 FM to enhance the audio-visual experience. Representing unity and vibrancy, each segment carries symbolic meanings celebrating Hong Kong’s past, present and future.

    Date: 1st October, 2023
    Time: 9pm
    Location: Offshore pontoons in Wan Chai Harbour
    Duration: 23 minutes