76-year-old woman  scammed out of HK$100,000 by fake son-in-law, fraudster arrested


30th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 76-year-old woman reported to the police yesterday that she had been scammed by a fraudster who claimed to be her son-in-law. The scammer told her that he had been arrested and needed HK$100,000 for bail. The victim followed the instructions and transferred the money before contacting her family and realising she had been scammed. After investigating the case, law enforcement officers discovered that the fraudster attempted to extort more cash from the victim and launched a joint operation to arrest the suspect.

During the operation, a local man surnamed Tao (46 years old) was arrested on suspicion of “obtaining property by deception” and “attempting to obtain property by deception.” He is being detained for further investigation. The case is still under investigation, and more arrests may follow.