76-year-old veteran actress Liza Wang and husband Law Kar-ying spotted at the Hong Kong airport


    4th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong veteran actress Liza Wang, and her long-time partner Law Kar-ying have been inseparable for over 30 years. Today, the couple flew to Singapore together to attend a Cantonese opera exchange event. They were spotted by netizens at the airport, and details about their real-life relationship were exposed.

    Photos taken by a netizen captured Wang and Kar-ying sitting side by side at the airport, each engrossed in their phones. Although there seemed to be little communication between them at that moment, their natural and relaxed demeanour indicated the comfort that comes from a long-term companionship. In another set of images, Wang and Kar-ying were seen patiently waiting for the security check. Despite the crowd, they displayed exceptional manners and did not exhibit any signs of impatience.

    Wang appeared as elegant and poised as ever, with a straight posture that defied her 70 years of age. Kar-ying, standing beside her, radiated good health and vitality. Netizens praised their impressive stature and physical well-being, with comments like “elegant and graceful” and “in great shape.” Some even acknowledged Kar-ying’s resilience, as he has battled liver cancer for 20 years, stating, “Law Kar-ying is truly remarkable, still going strong despite his 20-year fight against liver cancer.” Moreover, netizens shared stories of Kar-ying’s kindness and recounted an incident from 20 years ago when he offered to help someone with overweight luggage at the airport, saying, “He (Law Kar-ying) stepped forward and offered to include the excess baggage under his own name. I was deeply moved.”

    In 2004, during the peak of his career, Kar-ying was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer and underwent a liver resection to save his life. Wang remained faithfully by his side, providing unwavering support throughout his battle with cancer, and they made a promise to marry once he recovered. In 2014, when Kar-ying discovered a 2-centimetre tumour in his left liver, the cancer had recurred. However, with Wang’s unwavering presence, he triumphed over the disease.