76-year-old retired actor Chun Wong moves into nursing home as companion remains absent, eldest daughter vanishes after debt

    Chun Wong

    27th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chun Wong, a retired 76-year-old Hong Kong actor, made headlines in March when he fell and was unable to get up in his hotel room. He reached out for help to TVB producer Kwan Wing-chung and his neighbour, Lam Wai, who promptly called for medical assistance. Wong was then taken to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment. Following his medical care, Wong stated that he had been in contact with his children, and Lam Wai revealed that Wong had been referred to a rehabilitation centre. After receiving treatment, Wong was placed in a nursing home. Although his relationship with his children has improved, his companion from Shenzhen has yet to appear.

    Wong, who had previously admitted to having a strained relationship with his four children, had been living alone in a hotel room in Tsing Yi for the past few years. In March of this year, he had a fall in his hotel room, but fortunately, his friends Kwan Wing-chung and Lin Wei came to his aid and alerted the authorities. Wong was then transferred to a rehabilitation centre for treatment and later moved to a nursing home. Recently, Wong granted an interview to the media, revealing that he has been in the nursing home for nearly two months. He mentioned that compared to living alone in the hotel, he now has the assurance of three meals a day. Wong also shared an incident during his time in the hotel where he experienced weakness in his legs and couldn’t fetch food, resulting in going hungry for a day and night.

    Before the incident in March, Wong mentioned that he was alone in his hotel room on New Year’s Eve, enjoying a hotpot meal. The steam from the hotpot triggered the smoke detector, and firefighters arrived at the scene. As a result, the hotel asked him to move out after a month. Little did he expect the unfortunate accident to happen. After being discharged from the hospital, Wong was placed in a nursing home, which improved his daily life and ensured regular meals.

    Since moving into the nursing home, Wong has faced financial challenges, despite social workers helping him apply for comprehensive social assistance to cover the fees and expenses. He revealed that he had borrowed money from Lam Wai in emergency situations. Wong also disclosed that his financial situation became difficult after he repaid a debt of HK$3 million on behalf of his eldest daughter. He said, “Every month, I helped them repay over HK$10,000, which added up to several million over ten years. I even had HK$3 million in cash. If it weren’t for helping them repay the debt, I wouldn’t have sold my properties in Hong Kong.” However, after his eldest daughter declared bankruptcy, she disappeared, leaving Wong feeling betrayed and financially burdened. He expressed his frustration, saying, “I helped her repay so much money, and in the end, I’m left with nothing. It’s all on me. How could I have known that a pandemic would come, leaving me with nothing to do and depleting my savings? I don’t even have money to pay off my credit card debts now.”