76-year-old interviewee in TVB program investigated by Housing Authority for possible violation of the “Well-off Tenants Policies”

Source: TVB

9th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a recent episode of TVB Scoop program, the spotlight was on a 76-year-old man, Mr. Ho, who made headlines for his whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage to a 46-year-old mainland Chinese woman. This intergenerational love affair not only strained Mr. Ho’s relationship with his five children but also resulted in the loss of his life savings. Mr. Ho revealed his initial plan to gift his new wife HK$1 million to start a business. However, when he went to withdraw the funds from their joint account, he discovered that his younger spouse had already withdrawn HK$4.5 million. The woman claimed the money was rightfully hers, leaving Mr. Ho, who resides in public housing and has accumulated significant savings, in a contentious situation.

The Hong Kong Housing Authority is currently investigating whether Mr. Ho’s actions violated the “Well-off Tenants Policies” governing public housing. Sources indicate that due to several unclear aspects of the case, the authorities are prioritising clarification. They have not ruled out any possible actions should violations be discovered. According to the regulations, public housing units can be reclaimed if tenants exceed the income threshold or own property in Hong Kong.

In the TVB Scoop segment, Mr. Ho described how he met the mainland Chinese woman at a local market, and their relationship developed quickly. He said, “We made eye contact, and things were good. She made soup for me, and I drank it. The soup tasted good, and our feelings grew. So, we signed the papers.” The woman, in an interview, disclosed that they decided to marry after becoming intimate, sparking a wave of online criticism.

Mr. Ho’s previous wife passed away nine years ago, and he had maintained a harmonious relationship with his five children. However, when his children learned about his plans to remarry, they strongly objected, accusing the new wife of being a gold digger. In an unexpected turn of events, Mr. Ho discovered that his new wife had withdrawn HKD 4.5 million from their joint account, claiming it was her hard-earned money. Despite this, Mr. Ho had prepared extravagant wedding gifts for his wife, including a diamond ring worth over HK$130,000 and a luxury watch valued at over HK$100,000.

The Housing Authority has been committed to combating the abuse of public housing. In addition to requiring residents to declare their assets, they also conduct random inspections of public housing estate parking lots to check for luxury cars or assets exceeding the prescribed limits. As of the end of February, approximately 190 cases of residential property ownership in Hong Kong were uncovered, resulting in the recovery of 60 units. Around 20 households have received eviction notices, while the remaining 110 cases will be processed or subject to further investigation. The Housing Authority has also received reports of public housing tenants owning multiple properties in mainland China. With the assistance of mainland authorities, they have successfully reclaimed public housing units in verified cases.