76-year-old HK actor Adam Cheng’s eldest daughter found dead in apparent suicide

    Angelina Cheng (left) and Adam Cheng (right).

    1st October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng, known for his roles in Hong Kong television dramas, is mourning the tragic loss of his eldest daughter. Reports confirm that Angelina Cheng On-yee, 55, took her own life at her residence in Southern California. The local church held a memorial mass for her on 30th September.

    According to social media channel “Smart Travel,” Angelina had limited contact with her father throughout her life due to her mother’s influence. Apart from funding her college education, she was primarily raised by her mother. As she grew older, Angelina came to understand and forgive the circumstances surrounding her parents’ separation. In recent years, she even met her father during his performance in Las Vegas.

    Sources suggest that Angelina had struggled with unhappiness, influenced by negative perceptions of her father instilled in her from a young age. Additionally, she experienced complications arising from a complicated love triangle. Concerned friends from the St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church’s adult catechism class noticed her distress and had become deeply concerned for her well-being. When Angelina went missing on the 26th and 27th of last month, her friends grew worried and unable to reach her mother, Lo Wai Yu, they reported the situation to the police. Tragically, law enforcement discovered Angelina’s lifeless body inside her residence after forcibly entering the premises.

    The St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church held a memorial mass on the morning of 30th September, but as they were unable to contact her mother, Lo Wai Yu, they urged Adam Cheng to promptly reach out to the church to make arrangements for Angelina’s final rites.