74-year-old man succumbs to paragliding accident on Lantau Island, hours after rescue

Photo for illustration purpose only.

18th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 74-year-old man named Tang found himself stranded, leading to a rescue operation that sadly ended in tragedy on Lantau Island. During the early hours of today (18th), rescue personnel and members of the Civil Aid Service braved treacherous conditions to transport the unconscious victim down the mountain. Tang was immediately rushed to the North Lantau Hospital, where attempts were made to save his life using an automated external defibrillator. It has been confirmed later that Tang did not survive, pending an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

The rescue team discovered Tang on an 80-meter slope along a mountain trail. Due to the steep terrain, the rescuers had to navigate their way down using ropes. The scene was shrouded in thick fog and strong winds, preventing helicopter assistance. After a gruelling effort lasting over five hours, the team managed to carry Tang up the mountain trail. Negotiating the rugged and slippery path made the rescue operation even more challenging. Reports indicate that Tang was a retired police officer.

The incident occurred yesterday morning (17th) around 11am. Tang, accompanied by seven students and their instructor, embarked on a paragliding adventure on Sunset Peak of Lantau Island. While flying, Tang disappeared into a cloud layer and lost contact with his teammates, who he had previously communicated with via radio. He informed them that he was injured and trapped in a tree. Unfortunately, all communication ceased thereafter, prompting the team to report the situation and seek assistance. It wasn’t until approximately 9pm that rescue personnel located Tang in the Pak Kung Au area, where he was found unconscious. They promptly transported him down the mountain for urgent medical attention.