74-year-old man rescued after paragliding accident at Dragon’s Back in Shek O

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27th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 74-year-old man named To had a paragliding accident yesterday, at around 5pm near the Dragon’s Back trail in Shek O. He lost control and crashed into a slope, getting stuck in a tree with his parachute about 200 meters below the trail. His fellow paragliding companion reported the incident to the authorities, prompting a massive rescue effort.

The government’s flying services team dispatched a helicopter to assist in the search and rescue mission. After establishing contact with the victim, they determined that he had only sustained a minor injury to his left hand while attempting to land. However, due to the weather conditions, it took until late that evening before rescue personnel could safely extract him from the tree and bring him down the mountain.

At around 2am today, the victim was transported by ambulance to the Eastern District Hospital in Chai Wan for treatment. He appeared tired and worn out after being stranded for several hours. According to rescue personnel, the victim had prior experience with paragliding, and the accident may have been caused by poor visibility due to heavy fog.