73-year-old TVB actor, Wong Chun spotted at Kwong Wah Hospital in wheelchair


    9th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) 73-year-old local veteran actor, Wong Chun whho weighed close to 280 pounds fell down accidentally in TVB City in November last year and was taken to the hospital. Later, it was confirmed that his right shoulder was fractured and he recuperated. He returned to work in March of this year, but he had to use crutches to assist him. He was in good spirits and said he had lost dozens of pounds.

    It was reported yesterday that Wong Chun appeared in the Accident and Emergency Department of Kwong Wah Hospital yesterday morning, accompanied by two women. It is unknown whether they were his daughter. Wong was sitting in a wheelchair. Although he was wearing a cap and a mask, he still couldn’t hide his tired face. His feet were so swollen that he couldn’t wear his sports shoes.

    It is reported that the two women travelling with him did not leave the hospital until about 4pm, and only explained Wong Chun’s condition as a chronic disease for elderly and did not respond to whether he needed to stay in the hospital.