73-year-old actor Lee Lung-kei vows to honour marriage commitment as fiancée faces arrest and overstaying charges

    Lee Lung-kei (right) and Chris Wang (left).

    19th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) 73-year-old Hong Kong actor Lee Lung-kei’s fiancée, Chris Wang, has found herself entangled in a series of controversies. Wang’s troubled past has been exposed, with allegations ranging from art forgery to academic credentials fabrication. Additionally, she has been implicated in rumours of infidelity, with several photographs showing intimate moments with individuals other than Lee. Despite these rumours, the couple’s bond seems unshaken, as they made a joint appearance at a New Year’s Eve countdown event organized by TVB on the 10th of this month. However, on the 18th, news broke that Chris Wang was arrested for overstaying her visa as a visitor.

    Under Hong Kong laws, individuals who overstay their residency are typically subject to deportation. Offenders can face a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine of HK$50,000. It has been reported that Chris Wang will face prosecution, with a court hearing scheduled for tomorrow, the 20th, at the Shatin Magistrates’ Courts.

    While Lee Lung-kei was in Guangzhou at the time of the incident, he personally addressed local media to provide his perspective. He expressed, “I am aware of the situation. Currently, I am not in Hong Kong, and I have a scheduled recording for a program tomorrow (the 20th). I cannot cancel it. However, I will return to Hong Kong on the 21st. She is alone without anyone or anything by her side, but I have arranged for lawyer Paul Tse to accompany her. I have many friends supporting me, so there is no need to worry.” When asked about his concerns regarding the possibility of his fiancée facing imprisonment, he replied, “I am not scared; rather, I am worried. However, I cannot reveal any details. My hope is to minimise any harm…” At this point, he was overcome with emotion and shed tears. After regaining his composure, he added, “I will undoubtedly support her. She keeps a lot to herself, perhaps to spare me from worry or to shoulder the burden on her own. She doesn’t want to leave me. (Will our marriage vows remain unchanged?) They will definitely not change.”

    Previously, Chris Wang claimed during an interview that she had come to Hong Kong through the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, which requires a minimum of a master’s degree. However, her academic credentials were subsequently called into question. Lee Lung-kei stated that he had entrusted the matter to his lawyer for handling.