73-year-old actor Lee Lung-kei breaks silence on fiancée’s detention, sheds tears on “CelebuzzHK” entertainment show

    Lee Lung-kei

    13th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) In the latest episode of the YouTube channel “CelebuzzHK Entertainment Show,” hosted by Leung See-ho, a fusion of entertainment, metaphysics, and culture, viewers were treated to a candid and immersive live experience. Leung See-ho took to Instagram in the early hours today, announcing the remarkable achievement of breaking YouTube’s record for the highest premiere viewership and fastest subscription milestones. Grateful for the global support, he extended his gratitude to his two remarkable co-hosts. Notably, the debut episode featured the enigmatic guest, Lee Lung-kei, who has been making headlines in recent entertainment news.

    Expressing his heartfelt appreciation, Leung See-ho thanked Lee Lung-kei, stating, “A special thanks to my guest, Lee Lung-kei, for your candid emotions and tears. Your sincerity has deeply moved me! I wish you the fulfilment of your desires at the earliest.”

    Lee Lung-kei, the subject of much attention due to the incarceration of his fiancée, Chris Wang, for six charges, including overstaying and falsifying documents, has been diligently visiting her daily. Lee declared, “I am reestablishing my stance here. From this moment forward, I will no longer make any public statements or comments regarding Chris and me. Thank you all for your concerns.” He made a resolute decision to remain tight-lipped. However, on Leung See-ho’s show, Lee Lung-kei finally opened up about his fiancée Chris Wang. He revealed that the tumultuous events of recent times had deepened their bond, confessing, “After the incident, I couldn’t eat or sleep for a week. Our relationship has grown even stronger. She now writes me a letter every day. Every single day.” Overwhelmed by emotions, he choked up and tears welled in his eyes as he shared this intimate detail. Lee Lung-kei also mentioned how Wang had previously donated a coffin to Leung See-ho’s funeral service channel, remarking, “With that kind of merit, she will undoubtedly be safe.”