73-year-old actor Lee Lung-kei breaks down in tears during performance at Wong Tai Sin event, expresses gratitude and hope for his fiancée’s early release

    Lee Lung-kei

    5th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Lee Lung-kei, 73, who recently made headlines due to the legal troubles faced by his fiancée, Chris Wang, has been unwavering in his support. Wang is currently detained at the Tai Lam Centre for Women, facing charges related to overstaying her visa and using fake documents. Despite the challenging circumstances, Lee has been visiting Wang regularly.

    After a visit to Wang, Lee attended an event in Wong Tai Sin, putting on a spirited performance as the guest of honor. Dressed in a purple suit and a red cowboy hat, Lee took the stage, greeting the audience with enthusiasm. He asked, “How’s everyone doing? Enjoying life? Growing well? Everything else is fake, but the most important thing is good health!” Lee then proceeded to sing several nostalgic tunes.

    Lee’s performance encountered a minor glitch when there was an issue with the sound system, but he skilfully adapted to the situation. Once the technical problem was resolved, he continued singing with great gusto, exhibiting a positive and cheerful demeanour.

    During his time on stage, Lee created a lively atmosphere, blending his singing with playful banter. He humorously remarked, “The most important thing in life is to ignore everything! Age is just a number; it’s all about your state of mind! I’m 38 this year!” Despite the passing of the new year, some attendees still handed Lee red envelopes traditionally given for good luck. Lee graciously accepted each one.

    Towards the end of his performance, while singing an English song, Lee unexpectedly became overwhelmed with emotion, shedding tears. His outpouring of sentiment momentarily halted his singing, but the supportive audience shouted, “Keep going, Brother Kei!” Lee, having composed himself, resumed singing on stage. After bowing and expressing gratitude to the audience, he said, “As you all know what has happened, I hope for a speedy …” Following his words, Lee proceeded to serenade the attendees with one beloved classic after another.