700 MTR staff sign joint petition to MTR management to condemn police during their clearance operation


14th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After violent clashes broke out between protesters and police on numerous occasions at Hong Kong MTR stations, around 700 MTR staff and drivers signed a joint petition to protest against the close ties between police and MTR management which undermined the safety of the passengers. The staff went to the headquarters in Kowloon Bay and they made three demands:

  1. Request the management to condemn the police for disrupting railway safety during their operation, they also urge the police to take into account the safety of MTR frontline staff and passengers before taking any action and to avoid using excessive force to injure the innocent ones.
  2. Request MTR management to allocate or amend train and station operations and not following the police requests blindly. They should take into account the safety of MTR frontline staff and passengers.
  3. MTR should conduct a sanitisation of all the affected stations after tear gas rounds were sprayed. Staff and passengers should be given masks as precautionary measure.

If the MTR management does not respond to the joint signatories by 16th August, they would temporarily suspend their duties to safeguard themselves.