70-year-old man robbed of HK$3,500 in cash while watching chess game in Hung Hom


26th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 70-year-old man, was robbed of his cash while watching a chess game on Man Tai Street in Hung Hom. According to reports, the victim was approached by a group of men who tried to convince him to place a bet. When he refused, the men mocked him for not having any money and proceeded to show off their own cash.

In a bold move, one of the men snatched a stack of about HK$3,500 from the victim’s wallet and made a run for it. The other men quickly followed suit, disappearing into the crowd. Luk was left stunned and promptly reported the incident to the authorities.

The police arrived on the scene and conducted a thorough search of the surrounding area, but the suspects were nowhere to be found. The incident has left many in the community shaken and concerned about their safety.