7 sentenced to 36-45 months in prison for rioting outside TST Police Station in 2019, 1 sentenced to 11 months for possessing offensive weapon


28th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) On 11th August, 2019, a large number of protesters gathered along Nathan Road outside the Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station. Some of them hurled petrol bombs injuring several police officers. Many people were arrested in the incident. Eight of the men aged 24-35 were charged with crimes including participating in riots. As a result, 1 person pleaded guilty, 6 people were convicted of rioting, and the remaining 1 person was only convicted of possessing an offensive weapon. The eight defendants were sentenced in the District Court today (28th).

The judge pointed out that the scale of the riots involved in the case was quite large, and he believed that their criminal responsibilities were not light. He sentenced seven defendants convicted of rioting to 36 to 45 months in prison, and the remaining one defendant to 11 months in prison. Except for the 25-year-old Cheng Chi-kin, who pleaded guilty to rioting and possession of offensive weapons, the rest of the defendants pleaded not guilty to trial. As a result, only 24-year-old Lam was convicted of rioting, but he was convicted of possessing an offensive weapon for possessing a laser pen. The other six were convicted of rioting. Among them, one of them was also convicted of possessing an offensive weapon.