7-seater vehicle and taxi in Tai Po containing 42 petrol bombs, paintballs and other offensive weapons found by police


20th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police found large quantities of petrol bombs and paintballs in a taxi and a 7-seater vehicle on Lo Fai Road in Tai Po at 12.30pm today. 42 petrol bombs, two blow torches and ingredients used to make paintballs were found in both vehicles. Also seized by police were 16 tins of paint, 5 bottle os Turpentine, masks, rubber gloves, saline, 3 walkie talkies and a box of nails used to puncture tyres.

Police arrested the two drivers aged 31 years old and 34 years old respectively for possession of offensive weapons. Police suspected that these two vehicles were in the midst of transporting the weapons to the various protest zones for rioters to deploy.