7-Eleven’s playful response to overpriced HK$20 4-piece siu mai sold at Tsim Sha Tsui’s “Night Market by The Sea”

Siu Mai sold by Explicit Spices.

25th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In an effort to stimulate Hong Kong’s night market economy, the government has introduced the “Night Vibes Hong Kong” initiative, encouraging businesses to organize nighttime activities. As part of this campaign, K11 MUSEA and Avenue of Stars have collaborated to hold the “Night Market by The Sea” in Tsim Sha Tsui. One particular food stall at the market, Explicit Spices, attracted attention by selling four pieces of siu mai for HK$20, sparking a heated discussion and accusations of overpricing.

After the incident went viral, Explicit Spices issued a statement clarifying that they primarily sell chili oil, and siu mai is only offered as a side dish. However, the explanation triggered further online discussions, and on Saturday evening (23rd), a large number of people flocked to the stall, causing the siu mai to sell out quickly.

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven joined the conversation by posting a time-limited Instagram story, playfully stating, “Is eating four pieces enough for you? Of course, you need to eat ten!” The post received praise from netizens, with comments such as “Impressive PR skills,” “7-Eleven with a great sense of humour,” and “Well played.”

7-Eleven joined the conversation by posting a time-limited Instagram story.

In response to criticism of the HK$20 (four pieces) siu mai pricing, Explicit Spices, the stall at the Night Market, posted on Facebook to explain their perspective. They emphasised that their main product is chili oil, and siu mai is merely a complementary item. They highlighted that they have been selling siu mai for H$ 20 (four pieces) for two years without any price increase. Customers who pay HK$20 not only get to enjoy “jumbo-sized, fresh fish and meat siu mai” compared to those sold elsewhere, but they also have the opportunity to savor the stall’s homemade chili oil, which they proudly claim can be paired with all their dishes.

Explicit Spices stressed that their HK$20 (four pieces) siu mai is a transparent and fair pricing strategy, and they thanked their customers for their support and positive feedback. They concluded by expressing gratitude to their loyal customers, acknowledging that their business would not have thrived without their continuous support.