69-year-old woman almost scammed HK$10,000 by a foreign man


11th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) At about 10am yesterday (10th), a woman surnamed Li (69 years old) went to a bank on Chung On Street and asked to remit HK$10,000 of savings to another account. The female staff member surnamed Kwan felt something was amiss and she asked for the reason for the remittance.

Li said that she had received a whatsApp from a man who asked her for money, so she remitted money to him. The female staff suspected that she had encountered a scammer and secretly notified the police. After the police arrived at the scene and investigated, they classified the case as a fraud and handed it over to the Criminal Investigation Team of Tsuen Wan Police District for follow-up. It is understood that Li lives on CSSA. Earlier she met a foreign man who claimed to be an engineer on the Internet. After talking for a while, the two sides developed a relationship. Recently, the other party asked her to remit HK$10,000 to advance him as a gift.