68-year-old security guard at Club Marina Cove disappears during overnight shift, search operation is ongoing

Club Marina Cove

25th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) At around 2 o’clock this afternoon (25th), the police received a report from the staff of the Club Marina Cove in Sai Kung saying that a 68-year-old male security guard who was in charge of overnight shift was missing and suspected that he fell into the sea while going out on patrol. The marine police were deployed to the scene, and the firemen also sent divers search. During this period, a hat suspected to belong to the victim was found in the sea but the whereabouts of the victim were still unknown. It is understood that the victim was supposed to get off work at 7am his morning, but his colleagues never saw him, and found that he did not take his personal belongings, so he checked the CCTV footage to find out that the last time he appeared was yesterday evening, he walked alone towards the beach, suspecting that he had an accident on the way, and never returned.