68-year-old Japanese actress Aki Mizusawa reveals secret relationship with Jackie Chan in the 80s

    Jackie Chan and Aki Mizusawa

    3rd October 2023 – (Tokyo) Aki Mizusawa, a 68-year-old Japanese actress, has been making waves on social media after sharing a photo of herself and her son attending a performance by former Johnny’s member Jin Akanishi. Mizusawa, who is not widely known and does not have any notable works, gained attention in recent years for revealing her one-year secret relationship with martial arts icon Jackie Chan on a television program. The recent update on her current life at the age of 68 surprised many netizens.

    Despite being the same age as Jackie Chan, Mizusawa appears remarkably youthful in her recent photos. Born in the same year as Chan, Mizusawa made headlines in 2013 when she confessed to having an affair with him on a Japanese variety show. She revealed that she was sent by Fuji Television to Barcelona, Spain, to interview Chan, who was filming there at the time. They instantly hit it off and developed a romantic relationship. Mizusawa frequently flew to Spain to visit him. In her younger days, Mizusawa had a stunning figure.

    Aki Mizusawa during her younger days

    Mizusawa couldn’t stop praising Jackie Chan, describing him as a caring person with an impressive physique. After their breakup, they lost contact for many years until a few years ago when Jackie Chan visited Japan and arranged to meet her. Calculating the timeline, Mizusawa most likely met him in 1984 during the filming of “Wheels on Meals,” but at that time, Chan was already married to Joan Lin Fengjiao, and their son, Jaycee Chan, was over a year old. Mizusawa was essentially involved in breaking up another family, and now she is using it for self-promotion after all these years.

    Aki Mizusawa was born in Meguro, Tokyo, and graduated from the Japan Women’s College of Physical Education with a major in dance in 1977. She made her acting debut in October 1972 in the TBS Television drama “Natsu ni Kita Musume,” based on Keita Genji’s novel “Aozora Musume.” She had to transfer to Nikaido High School from Yamawaki Gakuen High School due to the latter’s ban on performing arts activities.