68-year-old actor Simon Yam expands his worldwide real estate portfolio with Zhongshan property purchase

    Simon Yam (second from right).

    2nd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor Simon Yam is known not only for his successful career in the entertainment industry but also for his extensive real estate investments. Reports state that Yam has been investing in real estate since 1990 and owns over 30 properties worldwide, including in Hong Kong, Paris, Manhattan, London, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai. He recently added another property to his impressive portfolio with a purchase in Zhongshan, China.

    A netizen shared some photos of the 68-year-old actor inspecting a building in Zhongshan, accompanied by three staff members. The post was captioned, “If anyone is interested in buying a property, you should come to Zhongshan, so you can be neighbours with Hong Kong actor Simon Yam!” In an interview with a real estate agency from China, Yam shared that he has always loved Zhongshan and hopes to live in a greener area for a slower-paced life.

    “As someone who has been filming for many years, if I have breaks for a week or two, I can stay here for two days. I can draw, play ball, do sports… everything is here, so I think it’s a good decision,” he said. Yam’s new property in Zhongshan is reported to be valued at 1.6 million yuan and has a unit area of over 1,000 sq ft.

    Since Zhongshan is close to Hong Kong, it would be more convenient for Yam’s family to travel there for vacation too. According to Sin Chew Daily, the former TVB star considers himself a prudent real estate investor and would always wait for the right time to buy and sell a property. He once told the media in 2018 that he would enter the property market when its price was at its lowest.

    Yam’s extensive real estate investments have paid off well over the years. In 2021, he made HK$20 million after selling a ground floor shop unit at Ki Lung Street in Hong Kong for HK$35 million. While Hong Kong remains his favorite place to invest in real estate, Yam has demonstrated his shrewdness as a real estate investor by expanding his portfolio to other parts of the world.

    Despite his success, Yam’s career has not been without challenges. In July 2019, he was stabbed at a promotional event in China but fortunately, only suffered minor injuries. He underwent a small operation in Zhongshan and has since recovered.