67-year-old woman killed by a pack of A3-size papers thrown by a teenager at Qingdao island


30th June 2022 – (Qingdao) A 67-year-old woman went out for a walk after dinner at Qingdao island in Shandong Province. Unexpectedly, a pack of A3-size papers weighing 8kg suddenly fell from the sky. The woman was hit in the head and she tragically died after being rushed to the hospital. After investigation by the police, the person who threw the pack of papers was identified a teenager under the age of 16, so he was not criminally responsible in accordance with the law and he was not charged. According to the report, the incident happened on 31st May this year.

On the night of the incident, the student was doing self-study at a training institution on the 28th floor of the office building. At that time, he suddenly threw a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom on the 28th floor before throwing a pack of A3 paper downstairs from the same position again. The teenager and his family never showed up in public and did not apologise. They only conveyed their willingness to pay 30,000 yuan for funeral expenses through the police, which made the family of the deceased unacceptable and decided to file a civil lawsuit.