66-year-old man suspected to have taken his life due to ill health after caring for brain-damaged daughter for 39 years in Tuen Mun, leaves note encouraging his wife to stay strong

Botania Villa

26th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Yesterday evening, at around 6 pm, a 64-year-old woman reported to the police that her husband, aged 66, had allegedly assaulted their 39-year-old daughter in their unit at Botania Villa on 138 Fuk Hang Tsuen Road. The woman tried to intervene, but her husband left the scene. Police officers rushed to the scene and found the injured daughter, who had sustained neck and chest injuries. She was immediately sent to Tuen Mun Hospital in a conscious state.

At around 7.30pm, the police discovered the man hanging with a belt inside a changing room on Fuk Hang Tsuen Road. The authorities rushed him to Tuen Mun Hospital in an unconscious state, but he was certified dead at 8.20pm. Preliminary investigations reveal that the man had attempted to cover his daughter’s head with a plastic bag and assaulted her chest with his bare hands before he hanged himself. The police found a plastic bag, a belt, and a will note at the scene, which are suspected to be connected to the case.

Post-mortem examinations will be conducted to determine the cause of the man’s death. The District Crime Squad of Tuen Mun District is currently investigating the incident.

The Social Welfare Department has expressed deep concern about this family tragedy. They will reach out to the family members as soon as possible to provide emotional counselling and support according to their specific needs.

According to sources, the family had been facing difficulties for years. Their daughter had been suffering from a brain disease since birth and required constant care and attention from her parents. As she grew older, her parents’ health also deteriorated, making it challenging for them to take care of her.

As time passed, the father’s health weakened, and he may have been struggling with suicidal thoughts. He may have seen death as a way to end his suffering and to be with his daughter. Yesterday, the father allegedly attempted to kill his daughter and then took his own life.

The incident has shocked the community and raised concerns about the mental health of caregivers. The case highlights the importance of providing support and resources to caregivers who face immense pressure and stress in their daily lives.

The deceased man’s wife found herself unable to stop her husband from taking their daughter’s life and then his own. She was left to deal with the aftermath of the tragic incident and was given a note by her husband before he left, encouraging her to be strong and continue living.

The family had been living in a unit in Block 5, Botania Villa on Fuk Hang Tsuen Road. The daughter’s injuries were severe, and she had to be hospitalised for treatment. It is unclear what her current condition is.