66-year-old ‘Grandma Wong’ assaulted during protest in Central to show solidarity with Mainland demonstrators over China’s zero-COVID policy and Urumqi fire incident


28th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) Protests broke out in various cities in the Mainland over the weekend as demonstrators expressed anger at harsh COVID-19 curbs and a fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang that killed 10 people on 24th November. In Shanghai, at the road named after the Xinjiang capital, crowds gathered, calling for freedom and railing against China’s zero-COVID policy. Expatriate dissidents and students staged small-scale vigils and protests in cities in Europe, Asia and North America, including London, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney, according to a Reuters tally. In most cases dozens of people attended the protests, though a few drew more than 100, the tally showed.

Meanwhile, some netizens organised a rally near the MTR Central Station to support the Mainland demonstrators this evening. Around 30 people appeared at the scene and police cordoned off the area with orange ribbon. Many of them held papers and empty placards to mourn for the fire victims in Urumqi. Flowers were also placed on the ground to pay tribute to those who passed away in Urumqi. Police took down details of those who were present. Cleaners were subsequently deployed to remove all the flowers. Police investigation is underway as it was an unauthorised assembly.

Many protesters display ’empty’ placards for fear of being prosecuted.
Police officers were present.

Meanwhile, 66-year-old pro-democracy activist Alexandra Wong (known as Grandma Wong) was also present and she was holding a yellow umbrella to show her support. A man with a backpack suddenly approached her, threw her yellow umbrella to the ground causing her to lose balance and fell down as a result. Police officers who were present at the scene arranged for an ambulance to send her to the hospital.

A man approached Grandma Wong suddenly before grabbing her yellow umbrella and throwing it to the ground. She then lost balance and fell.
Paramedics attended to Grandma Wong
Grandma Wong was subsequent sent to hospital