65-year-old Hong Kong man, 65, marries 39-year-old Hunan woman after 25 days of knowing each other


8th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A couple with a 26-year age difference, both having experienced divorce in their past, have found solace in each other’s arms. Recently, they opened up about their love story in an interview with mainland Chinese media. Mr. Cheng, a 65-year-old Hong Kong man, who earns a monthly salary of HK$60,000 and inherits millions from his parents, met a 39-year-old woman from Hunan during a Latin dance class. After knowing each other for just 25 days, they decided to tie the knot. Over the past three years of marriage, Mr. Cheng has generously gifted his entire fortune to his wife, including a villa worth HK$15 million, cash deposits, and a luxury car. He even contributes the majority of his salary to the household, keeping only HK$3,000 per month for personal expenses. Reflecting on their relationship, Mr. Cheng emotionally expressed, “Besides being true love, I believe it’s also about trust.” The couple displayed their affection in front of the camera, sharing a passionate kiss, and Mr. Cheng described their relationship as reaching a state of selflessness, moving him to tears. They also revealed that they are currently actively trying to conceive a child.

The video media outlet “Watermelon Video” from mainland China released a short film titled “Hong Kong Uncle Falls in Love and Transfers Millions of Assets to His Partner in Just 25 Days, Finally Gaining Eternal True Love” on 27th November. Within a few days, the video has garnered over 160,000 views. During a recent interview with mainland Chinese media, the Cheng couple revealed that they are both remarried. Mr. Cheng, who is 65 years old, holds a master’s degree in business administration and comes from an educated family. His father was an engineer and a former factory manager, while his mother worked as a translator. Growing up, Mr. Cheng and his elder brother were raised in an environment filled with love and warmth, as their family did not believe in corporal punishment. Mr. Cheng’s elder brother later moved to the United States but still frequently sends him pocket money out of brotherly love.

Despite his age, Mr. Cheng continues to work and earns a monthly income of HK$60,000, receiving 13 months’ salary per year. In addition to his earnings, he inherited a villa worth HK$15 million in Jinxiu Garden, Yuen Long, from his parents, as well as company stocks and occasional bonuses, all of which he has handed over to his wife.