64-year-old man arrested in data privacy breach tied to financial dispute


29th February 2024 – (Hong KOng) Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong apprehended a 64-year-old man of Chinese nationality in Kowloon district today. The arrest was made on grounds of unlawful disclosure of personal data without consent, contravening Section 64(3A) of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The authorities have issued a stern reminder to the public against “doxxing”—the act of revealing private information about individuals in the context of financial disputes. Violators, upon conviction, could face penalties up to HK$1 million and imprisonment for five years.

The investigation revealed that the victim had met someone at the end of 2021, with both parties initially supporting each other in purchasing various items. However, their relationship subsequently deteriorated, leading to a dispute over the reimbursed amounts. This escalated to the point where the victim received multiple messages demanding repayment.