64-year-old HK actor Waise Lee Chi-hung embarks on thrifty life in mainland China, bargaining for toilet paper

    Waise Lee

    24th April 2024 – (Shanghai) 64-year-old Hong kong actor Waise Lee Chi-hung has chosen to embrace a modest and frugal lifestyle since relocating to mainland China in recent years. Lee’s personal life has become a topic of great interest among his fans. Particularly captivating is his 2010 marriage to Wang Yaqi, a renowned mainland Chinese actress. Notably, the couple has been blessed with a son, who is now five years old. With such a significant age difference between them, Lee and his wife have become a shining example of a harmonious relationship, defying societal expectations.

    While enjoying the bliss of parenthood, Lee’s commitment to a thrifty lifestyle remains unwavering. Recently, he was spotted at a local market engaging in a rather unexpected act: bargaining for toilet paper. Even more surprising, he exhibited a preference for affordable clothing options, exemplifying his down-to-earth and budget-conscious approach to everyday life.

    Lee’s keen eye for a bargain led him to negotiate the price of a large bag of toilet paper, originally priced at 18 Chinese Yuan, to a more agreeable amount. In an attempt to secure a better deal, he even claimed to be a local resident. Additionally, he carefully selected a budget-friendly scarf, priced at 8 Chinese Yuan (after successful haggling, he managed to acquire it for 7.5 Chinese Yuan), as a thoughtful gift for his beloved wife. Though not a luxury brand, the gesture touched Wang Yaqi’s heart, highlighting the significance of sentimental value over material extravagance.