63-year-old man arrested for suspected child abuse in Tat Tung Road residence


10th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Police responded to a report this afternoon around 3pm regarding an incident of suspected child abuse at 33, Tat Tung Road. It is alleged that a 63-year-old father resorted to using a slipper as a disciplinary tool, striking his 7-year-old son’s feet. The motive behind this act is believed to be related to issues of parental discipline.

Upon receiving the distress call, police officers immediately arrived at the scene. Conducting a preliminary investigation, they focused on the potential charges of child abuse or neglect against the father, given the circumstances surrounding his custodial responsibility for the child. Subsequently, the authorities proceeded to apprehend the 63-year-old suspect, who was promptly taken into custody.

Fortunately, the young victim did not exhibit any apparent physical injuries resulting from the incident. However, to ensure the child’s well-being, he was transported to North Lantau Hospital for further evaluation and medical treatment.