63 year old Hong Kong investment adviser & TV personality shows off rock hard bod

Kwok Sze Chi

9th March 2019 – (Hong Kong) Kwok Sze Chi, aged 63, is a familiar face who appears on many local TV channels including TVB to explain market trends and analyse stock market developments. He  also holds a registered investment adviser licence and is a director of The Institute of Securities Dealers & the deputy chairman of The Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts and Professional Commentators.

Kwok has a secret not known to many, his ripped body and 6 packs ab are camouflaged with a three piece suit he wears on a daily basis. Recently, he appeared on a local TV show to talk about his work out routine and his body upkeep.

In order to achieve a ripped physique, he engages in a 1.5 to 2 hour daily training routine which includes 2000-3000 sit-ups and multiple reps of other strength training.

Apart from exercise, he adheres to a strict daily low-carb diet. He has stopped drinking coffee and tea for 40 years and he only drinks lemon water without sugar. For lunch, Kwok eats an apple and a wheat bread while he eats meat and vegetables for dinner. Kwok only eats 1-2 bowls of rice per week.

We admire his discipline and we hope this will become a sterling inspiration for many middle aged men who think that it’s impossible to achieve attractive body shape after certain age.

Kwok can be seen almost everyday on local finance channel. Picture credit : TVB
Kwok took off his shirt due to the hot weather during a work trip to Beijing last summer. His muscular body attracted a foreign tourist to take a picture with him. Picture credit : Facebook/Kwok