61-year-old woman found dead in Osaka hotel room after tragic encounter with 50-year-old gigolo

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23rd February 2024 – (Osaka) On 18th February, a female victim was found lifeless in a lovers’ hotel room in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Following a thorough investigation, authorities revealed that she had been dragged into the hotel room in a state of complete debilitation by a male escort, who subsequently fled the scene. The man was later identified as an employee of a gigolo establishment, and the deceased woman was his client.

According to the Sankei Shimbun newspaper, the staff at the lovers’ hotel, located in the Ikuno Ward of Osaka City, stumbled upon the lifeless body of a woman in one of the rooms around noon on the 18th. She was found lying face-up on the floor near the bed. Investigation results indicate that she was a 61-year-old unemployed woman residing in the Ikuno Ward.

Police reports suggest that the woman checked into the hotel with the male escort at around 2am on the 18th. Clearly in a weakened state, she required assistance from the man, who firmly held her arms and guided her into the hotel. Around 5.45am on the same day, the man phoned the reception desk, claiming he needed to return home, and subsequently left the premises alone.

The autopsy report revealed that the woman passed away approximately two hours after the man left the hotel, at around 8am. The cause of death remains undetermined; however, her stomach emitted a strong odour of alcohol.

The 50-year-old man voluntarily turned himself in to the police in connection with this case. He admitted to working as a gigolo and stated that the woman had visited his establishment for leisure around 10pm on the 17th. After consuming copious amounts of alcohol and becoming heavily intoxicated, he called a taxi to transport her to the hotel for rest.

The man claimed that after entering the hotel room together, both of them rested briefly. When he woke up and attempted to rouse the woman, she did not respond, prompting him to leave and return home alone.