61-year-old Hong Kong actor Gallen Lo shockingly reveals “botoxed face” with stiff cheeks

    Gallen Lo

    20th April 2024 – (Shenzhen) 61-year-old Gallen Lo has been focusing on his career in mainland China in recent years. Despite the passage of time, his popularity remains strong, and adoring fans often approach him for photos. Known for his down-to-earth nature, he usually graciously accepts these requests. Recently, a netizen shared an encounter with Gallen Lo at a local eatery on Xiaohongshu, along with a photo, unveiling the actor’s latest appearance.

    In the photo, Gallen Lo is seen dressed casually in a plain black T-shirt, exuding a star-like aura with his sunglasses. However, upon closer inspection, one cannot help but notice the stiffness in his cheeks, giving rise to a “botoxed face” appearance that marks a departure from his previous charismatic image.