61-year-old female devotee succumbs to injuries after a fall on charitable sea outing in Tsuen Wan


29th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 61-year-old woman, Lee, succumbed to injuries sustained from a fall aboard a yacht moored at the Rambler Channel Typhoon Shelter in Tsuen Wan. The incident occurred early morning on the 29th, during a mercy release event, a practice where captive animals are set free in nature, hosted by a Buddhist charitable organisation.

The excursion, which was attended by eighteen individuals, including Lee and her younger sister, set out to sea with the intent of freeing creatures back into the wild. At approximately 10.50am, Lee, who had been struggling with diabetes and hypertension for several years, was descending the yacht’s staircase when she is believed to have lost her footing and fell, tumbling one to two metres to the deck below. Initial reports indicate she sustained injuries to her back and right knee.

Despite being conscious immediately after the fall, Lee’s condition deteriorated rapidly, resulting in her falling into a coma. The yacht made an emergency course to the Tsing Yi Fire Station Pier, where emergency services were on hand to rush her to the Yan Chai Hospital.

Her injuries proved too severe, and despite the medical team’s efforts, Lee passed away shortly after 1pm. The local authorities were alerted around noon, and a police report was filed regarding the incident. Lee’s exact cause of death will be determined following an autopsy.