61-year-old Cantopop singer, Jacky Cheung, opens up about his stage fright and explains why he chose not to migrate to Canada in TVB debut show

Jacky Cheung. Picture source: TVB

23rd April 2023 – (Hong Kong) MyTV SUPER’s “We Love This Place” programme debut with Frederick Ma hosting and Cheung Man-sun and Jacky Cheung as guests on Saturday. During the show, Jacky Cheung revealed his stage fright, stating, “There was a time when I went on stage with Leslie Cheung at the back of the stage. He was trembling, and I never thought he would be afraid. He asked me, ‘How are the audience outside?’ You wouldn’t believe it, but we were both scared.”

However, the most exciting part of the interview was what came next. Cheung Man-sun asked Jacky Cheung why he turned to movies after becoming a successful singer, to which he replied that he was “forced” to. He explained, “After my fourth album, I didn’t know what to do. It was a lost period, especially towards the end. At that time, I had ten songs, but the record company only targeted one or two, and the others were just fillers. I think it was basically a fatal reason. In the end, the audience won’t listen to you.” He went on to say that from selling over 200,000 copies of his first album, he only sold 25,000 copies of “Yesterday’s Dream” towards the end of his singing career, causing him to worry about declining record sales. He added, “How many gods are there in this world? The other eight songs won’t work, so you’re done. If someone approached me to act in a movie, I would accept it.”

Towards the end of the interview, Frederick Ma asked Jacky Cheung what he thought was good about Hong Kong and why he did not consider emigrating. Jacky Cheung replied, “Because I was born in Hong Kong, I grew up here, and I have everything in Hong Kong. Many people born in Hong Kong have left, but I can’t control how the next generation thinks because everyone has different experiences. To be honest, I’ve said before, not just today, that it’s better not to emigrate to Canada. I considered it for a long time, but in the end, it’s not a good idea. Once, I went to the Canadian Consulate, and they said Quebec was the easiest place to settle in. However, when I got there and thought about facing foreigners from then on, I couldn’t take it and left. I think I’m a local person, and wherever I am, I’ll stay there because it’s my attachment to that place.”

The “We Love This Place” programme offers a unique glimpse into the personal lives of famous Hong Kong celebrities and their connection to the city. It provides viewers with a chance to learn more about the stars they admire and discover the reasons why they love living in Hong Kong.

Frederick Ma is a well-known Hong Kong politician and administrator who served as the chairman of the MTR Corporation from 2015 to 2019. He previously held the position of Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and was highly regarded by the public and legislators from all parties.

Cheung Man-sun, on the other hand, gained popularity in the 1980s for his contribution to the Cantopop scene, which helped popularise the local musical genre. He rose to fame as a disc jockey before eventually taking on a managerial role at RTHK.

Dubbed the “God of Songs”, Jacky Cheung is a 61-year-old Hong Kong singer and actor who is considered one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong pop music. He is known for his technically skilled vocals, lengthy tours, and multimillion-selling albums. Jacky Cheung’s successful music and acting career has made him an icon in Hong Kong and earned him recognition as one of the “25 most influential people in the New Hong Kong” by Time Magazine. He holds the Guinness World Record for the largest combined audience for a live act in 12 months during his “Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century World Tour”, with 2,048,553 audience members.

Aside from his entertainment career, Jacky Cheung is also involved in various community works. In March 2009, he became the first Cantopop/Mandopop artist to contribute items to the Hard Rock franchise memorabilia collection, which were exhibited at the Hard Rock hotel in Macau. He also made a joint donation of HK$600,000 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation and ORBIS Macao. In September 2009, he participated as one of the super ambassadors of the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation (ECSAF), attending the charity fundraising event for the organisation’s 10th anniversary in Hong Kong.