60-year-old man attacks 48-year-old singer with knife at music lounge in Yau Ma Tei, 2 injuries reported


3rd February 2023 – (Hong Kong) At 3.04am today, a drunk man broke into a music lounge on the ground floor of No. 49 Temple Street with a kitchen knife in hand, and slashed a singer surnamed Lau (48 years old). In response, the staff and customers at the scene stepped forward to stop him and took away the kitchen knife. The assailant escaped into the back alley.

Paramedics arrived moments later and bandaged her forehead, face and left hand. During the chaos, a female employee was also suspected of being injured. The two were taken to Kwong Wah Hospital in an ambulance for treatment.

Police surrounded the scene for investigation, and initially learned that the assailant and Lau knew each other. The two had argued earlier because of emotional issues. It is believed that the man vented his anger after the feud. The case is now listed as “wounding”.

Police are looking for a 60-year-old local man involved in the case. He was wearing a blue checkered jacket and glasses at the time of the crime.