60-year-old HK actor Alex Fong admits selling all his Ferraris and shares car stories during online program

Alex Fong

8th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) 60-year-old Hong Kong actor Alex Fong Chung-sun, known for his love of racing cars, recently appeared on the online program  hosted by TVB actress Catherine Chau. Fong, who has been dubbed a “racing driver” on Wikipedia, shared his car experiences with Chiu, even offering her a ride in a million-dollar car. He jokingly referred to himself as an Uber driver during the interview, and revealed that he had sold his Ferrari and had owned multiple cars over the years.

Fong is well-known for his passion for racing and has participated in events such as the Ferrari Asia Pacific Challenge and the Formula E electric car race. During the interview, Chau mentioned that Fong’s Wikipedia page listed him as a racing driver, to which he humbly replied that he had only played around with racing cars.

Fong shared his knowledge about racing cars, including the costs of tuition and insurance. When asked about how many cars he had owned, he stated that he had lost count but admitted that the longest car he had kept was an electric car which he had only owned for three years. He also revealed that he had bought a couple of cars on impulse but quickly realised that he had nowhere to park them and found them inconvenient to drive.

When asked about his current collection of cars, Fong mentioned that he had sold his Ferrari, as he had learned the importance of “letting go.” However, he did express his desire to own an SUV with a range of 600 km. Towards the end of the program, Chau shared that she sometimes went running on Kowloon Peak without makeup and had been stopped by many fans. Fong joked that she should wear makeup next time and teased her about the trend of wearing yoga pants for running.

Apart from his love of cars, Fong has also been in the news for an incident involving sexual harassment during his tenure as a brand ambassador for DOXA watches. In 2008, Fong was sexually harassed by a female guest at the opening ceremony of DOXA’s flagship store in Guangzhou. DOXA subsequently terminated their arrangement with Fong, citing damage to the brand’s image due to his underperformance. Fong’s management team clarified that the incident involved requirements that were not included in the contract.

Fong, who is married to actress Hoyan Mok and has a daughter, continues to be a popular figure in Hong Kong‘s entertainment industry.