60-year-old action star Donnie Yen displays “superhuman strength”, easily lifting 40kg dumbbells and inspiring netizens

    Donnie Yen

    24th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Renowned for his incredible martial arts skills both on and off the silver screen, 60-year-old Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen continues to maintain his peak physical condition. Demonstrating his unyielding dedication to fitness, Yen recently shared a video on social media showcasing his impressive strength. In the video, he effortlessly raises a pair of dumbbells, each weighing 40kg, with each weight plate estimated to be several inches thick. Yen completes over 10 repetitions without breaking a sweat, his face unruffled and his breath steady. His bulging chest muscles nearly burst through his t-shirt, solidifying his title as the “Universe’s Strongest.” Netizens are in awe, praising Yen for his enduring vitality and noting that he looks far younger than his 60 years—truly defying age!