60 new COVID-19 cases (confirmed and presumptive cases) in Hong Kong reported before 3pm today


22nd March 2020 – (Hong Kong) Following at least 20 preliminary diagnoses yesterday (21st) from 4pm to midnight, the number of cases continues to increase today. According to sources, it is reported that as of 3 pm, there could be a total of 60 confirmed or preliminary confirmed cases were recorded in Hong Kong. 4 teachers from international schools were diagnosed positive. 4 other patients had played tennis without wearing a mask during the period. In addition, a baby under the age of 24 months was also infected with COVID-19, which was the third case in Hong Kong. However, Centre of Health Protection will release the actual figures shortly as there are many preliminary cases which have not been confirmed.

Hong Kong yesterday (21st) added 17 new confirmed cases and 20 preliminary cases, including 17 men and 20 women, aged between 20 months and 72 years old, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases has now increased to 273. Most of the new cases have travel histroy including 6 international students and 2 Cathay Pacific employees. As for the Canadian and Bolivian tour groups, 5 confirmed cases and 2 preliminary confirmed cases were confirmed. At least 5 people tested positive and one was tested positive in preliminary diagnosis in the Discovery Bay Wedding Banquet Group, including the groom and his mother-in-law. At the same time, in the past 4 days, 25 sporadic cases with no travel history have been accumulated. Experts have warned that the invisible transmission chain in the community is gradually taking shape.