6 other drivers involved in illegal racing on Fanling Highway on Sunday arrested


29th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) At about 11pm on Sunday, two vehicles collided on Fanling Highway. One of the vehicles crashed into the traffic barrier and caught fire. The driver abandoned the car and fled, and later falsely reported that the vehicle was stolen in Lok Ma Chau. After an in-depth investigation, the police revealed other information. It is reported that before the incident, a number of private car owners with the same model met up Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Lon before engaging in illegal street racing on Fanling Highway with speed of up to 212 kilometres per hour.

The drivers and passengers of the two vehicles involved in the accident were picked up by other car owners who attended the race together. The police pointed out that after checking several dash cam footage on-site evidence, it is believed that at least six private cars were involved in illegal racing activity in the case. The six male drivers (aged 23 to 40) involved have been arrested and detained. It is reported that some of the arrested men had records of dangerous driving, speeding and careless driving. Some of them were charged today (29th) for “illegal racing”, “dangerous driving”, “misleading police officers” etc. The six private cars involved in the case have been towed back to the Tai Lam Chung Police Vehicle Pound for inspection.