6 Fujian triad members, 3 armed with knives pour peanut oil in front of their headquarters in North Point, 7 arrested

Triad member escorted by police while he covered his face with police shield. Police officers were smiling while they were walking.

15th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 10pm today, 6 middle-aged men poured two tins of purported gasoline on Ming Yuen Western Street in front of the headquarters of the Fujian Clan. 3 of them were armed with knives. Riot police arrived at the scene and warned that they would make an arrest. One civilian tasted the liquid and confirmed that it was peanut oil and not gasoline.

Fujian Clan’s headquarters on Ming Yuen Western Street.
Fujian Clan’s headquarters.
Peanut oil poured on the road. Picture credit : Inmediatehk.net
Armed Fujian triads.
One of the triad members was being treated by paramedics. He fell unconscious after being beaten by 10 protesters who fled.
At 10.36pm, riot police escorted a Fujian triad member while allowing him to use the police shield to cover his face to prevent reporters from taking his picture.

Some civilians shouted ‘Don’t play with fire!’ Police then told those present that firemen would manage the spilt substance on the road. Police then instructed reporters to leave the scene and they did not arrest the three armed middle-aged men.

Many civilians condemned the police for not allowing reporters to go near the headquarters of the Fujian Clan. One of the triad members was escorted by police officers and he was allowed to cover his face with a police shield to prevent reporters from taking his pictures. Police officers could be seen smiling as they were walking with him.

At least 7 people were arrested by police.

Picture credit : Inmediahk.net.

Meanwhile, another middle-aged man wearing a T-shirt with words ‘Hong Kong Fujian Genrō’ was escorted by police after he shouted ‘I am triad, arrest me! I am not afraid!’

At 10.48pm, police hoisted black flag in front of North Point Police Station. At least 10 tear gas rounds fired.