59-year-old divorced HK actor Mark Cheng allegedly spends Lunar New Year alone in hotel

    Mark Cheng

    6th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Mark Cheng Ho-nam, a familiar face from the “Young and Dangerous” film series, finds himself in a state of utter despair. After 20 years of marriage to his Malaysian wife, Elyn, they had settled down in Malaysia and raised two children together. However, in 2022, Cheng publicly revealed his marital troubles. Upon returning to Malaysia, he discovered that both his wife and children had vanished without a trace. He hinted at his wife’s infidelity and even revealed that he no longer had any assets or vehicles registered under his name. This sudden loss of loved ones and financial security has taken a toll on him, evident in his visibly emaciated appearance and tearful video message on his birthday.

    Approaching the New Year, Cheng filmed an early greeting video for his fans. Dressed in a sleek black suit, he appeared spirited and full of life, holding a glass of red wine. With a smile, he asked his viewers if they were ready for the upcoming festivities. He extended warm wishes for a happy New Year, expressing hopes for good health and frequent reunions in the years to come.

    Some netizens recently spotted Cheng at a modest noodle shop in Zhuhai, where he appeared noticeably thinner. Another online user shared a photo with Cheng, showcasing his distinctive attire.

    After finishing his video message, Cheng used a keycard to open a door, revealing that he might be staying in a hotel. The entrance was adorned with two potted orange trees and couplets, indicating careful decoration. Curious netizens questioned why he was consistently staying in hotels, to which some speculated, “Malaysia is no longer his home,” “He still owns a house, just lost some money and his wife and children,” while others remarked, “Impressive! He has turned the hotel into his own home.”