58-year-old Carina Lau fearlessly runs in heavy rain, embracing natural beauty with no makeup

    Carina Lau

    14th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) While her husband, Tony Leung, remains busy with work commitments, Carina Lau, 58-year-old Hong Kong actress finds solace in her personal time, often engaging in activities such as hiking and running. On several occasions, she has been spotted hiking alongside veteran actor Chow Yun-fat, showcasing their enduring friendship. Carina, who has long shed the burdens of idolhood, embraces her natural beauty by going makeup-free during her runs, making her a subject of admiration for fans who manage to catch a glimpse of her in her unguarded moments.

    Recently, during one of her outdoor runs, Carina encountered a sudden downpour. However, she remained undeterred by the heavy rain, embracing the serene joy of running in the rain. Her carefree attitude and ability to find happiness in simplicity exemplify the essence of a true star.