5,799 of 7,417 applications under Top Talent Pass Scheme approved as at 27th January 2023


Hong Kong Government Press Release

8th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong government launched a series of measures trawling for talents on 28th December, 2022, including the Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS) with an aim to attracting talents of the following three categories:

  • Category A: persons with an annual income of HK$2.5 million or above in the year prior to application;
  • Category B: persons who have obtained a bachelor degree from the world’s top 100 universities prescribed in the designated aggregate list and have accumulated at least three years of work experience in the five years prior to application; and
  • Category C: persons who have obtained a bachelor degree from the world’s top 100 universities within five years prior to application, but have less than three years of work experience. An annual quota of 10,000 is set for this category.

As at 27th January, 2023, the number of applications and approvals under the TTPS is as follows:

 Category ACategory BCategory CTotal
Number of applications received1,1723,4852,7607,417
Number of approved applications4702,9832,3465,799
Number of rejected applications7134145286

The numbers of approved applications by income, work experience, age, gender and marital status are as follows:

Income in previous year (HK$)Approved applications
Category ACategory BCategory C
2.5 million to less than 3 million89Not required to submit relevant information
3 million to less than 5 million212
5 million to less than 10 million84
10 million or more85
Work experienceApproved applications
Category ACategory BCategory C
Less than 3 yearsNot required to submit relevant informationNot applicable2 346
3 years to less than 5 years1,498Not applicable
5 years to less than 10 years1,467
10 years or more18
AgeApproved applications
Category ACategory BCategory CTotal
18 to 30278642,3333,224
31 to 401851,575131,773
41 to 502104580668
51 to 6045790124
61 or above37010
GenderApproved applications
Category ACategory BCategory CTotal
Marital statusApproved applications
Category ACategory BCategory CTotal
Not disclosed012719

 Applicants provided information on their occupations, which are of a great variety. The Immigration Department does not separately keep such statistics by relevant industries or occupations. In respect of academic qualifications, Category A applicants are not required to submit information on academic qualifications; whereas Categories B and C applicants should prove that they hold a bachelor degree from the world’s top 100 universities, and do not need to separately declare other academic qualifications held.

Under the TTPS, the ImmD generally completes the processing of applications within four weeks upon receipt of all necessary documents. The processing time required for individual cases depends on whether the applicant meets the relevant application criteria, whether sufficient supporting documents and information have been provided, and the staffing arrangements of the ImmD. Some straightforward cases can be approved within the same day of application.