57-year-old Monica Chan, former Hong Kong beauty queen, startled as low-cut dress slips at event


    24th June 2024 – (Shanghai) Monica Chan, widely known as the 1989 Hong Kong beauty pageant winner, has maintained her youthful appearance and slender figure over the years. Having appeared in numerous popular TV dramas and films, she has garnered a substantial fan base. Recently, while attending an event in a stunning low-cut evening gown, an unfortunate incident occurred that left her visibly startled.

    As she prepared to leave the venue, a staff member accidentally stepped on the train of her dress, causing it to slide down. The incident prompted an audible cry of surprise from Monica Chan, leaving her momentarily flustered and disconcerted. The awkward scene unfolded as she urgently covered her chest with her hands. Despite the mishap, Chan managed to maintain a polite smile and gracefully boarded her vehicle, though her concerned fans couldn’t help but worry about her well-being.