57-year-old man arrested for brandishing a knife in altercation outside a vegetable stall in Tsuen Wan


5th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 6pm today, a man brandishing a knife threatened another man outside a vegetable stall located at 65 Ho Pui Street in Tsuen Wan. Onlookers reported the incident to law enforcement, who promptly arrived on the scene and apprehended the man without any injuries. The incident is currently under investigation.

A video circulating on social media shows a man wearing glasses and holding a vegetable knife got into a verbal altercation with a vegetable stall owner. During the altercation, the man shouted, “Say sorry, otherwise, I’ll f*ck you up for no reason.” The stall owner calmly responded, “Just wait, there’s no need to pull out a knife.” However, the man retorted, “I’m a lunatic,” and made slashing gestures towards the stall owner before the video ended.

Numerous bystanders gathered around during the incident, with the man threatening to swing the knife multiple times, causing pedestrians to scream in fear. Eventually, the man left the scene, and police officers  arrived shortly afterward. The man surrendered his knife to the officials and was arrested on suspicion of “possessing an offensive weapon.”

It was later revealed that the suspect, surnamed Lau (57 years old), is a truck driver. Earlier, while driving by the vegetable stall, he suspected that the stall’s canvas canopy had hit his vehicle. He then got into an argument with the stall owner, during which he became agitated and walked into a nearby home goods store to purchase a vegetable knife that was approximately 30 centimetres long before returning to the scene. It was reported that the suspect claimed to have bought the knife because he felt the stall owner was intimidating.